Our Competitive Strengh

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newest high speed multi head embroidery machine.

Quality Control on save Q
at other point of manufacture, clothing samples, are assessed with nap gauge.

Quality Control on needle detector
Ami also invested committedly in quality control and procedures. Post production, checks included needle detector inspections to locate any broken needles ambeded in finish good. This is especially necessary as AMI in one of the key vendor producing children & babies wears.

Quality Control On Fabrics
20% of incoming fabrics are to be inspected prior to bulk production. Also invest in shrinkage stabilizing machine.

Quality Control on Sewing
We measure major parts of each garments and documented them

Mature and highly skilled labour
Stringent quality & proper style tracking system.

we constanly strive to improve operational efficientcy and drive down costs. We believe that the best costumers are a balance of market realities and what realisties and what customers truly value.

we work and collaborate with our supporting supplier and partners to discover and implement.


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Established in 1992, AMI Collection started off in Indonesia.

Since then, we have grown to include manufacturing facilities in Surabaya, Malang, Sidoarjo and Jakarta.

With production activities in these countries, PT. Aneka Mode Indonesia now serves as the HQ, As well as the marketing and development, activities for the group. We currently putting into place an electronic  IT system to be completed to track and monitor, up to date production production status in all the manufacturing plant.

We strive to make quality garments delivering  the goods on time. As such, we take pride in being baby clothes supplier of Ramayana Department Store, Pojok Busana Department Store, Pt. Joey Sasmita Lencana and Yogya Department Store